Garcinia Cambogia Ads on Facebook a Scam?

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I was on Facebook and I noticed all these advertisements about losing weight faster by combining Apple Cider Vinegar (Briggs organic) with Pure Garcinia Cambogia together. In the article it says by using these two products together, you can lose 75% more weight than if you used them separately. I went back looking for the link to the original article I read, but sadly I think after you make the purchase all those ads disappear. I’ve searched for them on Facebook and they are gone. So maybe it’s more of a scam than anything. But I still wanted to try this combo and see what it does for me. I have trouble losing weight and controlling my appetite, so when I saw this article I figured, why not?!

Fine Print in the Free Trial?

But here is the fine print that I’m sure many people miss on these free product offers (If you don’t cancel your subscription before 15days from today, then you will be charged $79.99 each month) So even though they lour you in with a free sample if you pay the $4.95 shipping, most people end up getting stuck with the $79.99 subscription. Honestly I don’t know the difference of this bottle of Garcinia Cambogia compared to a $10 bottle from the store or even Amazon. I placed my order of this trial, knowing that I will be cancelling before the 15 days trial is over. But to my surprise, they added on another product for Natural Mango Cleanse Trial without even asking. So basically I submitted my order for the Garcinia Cambogia and the final page said I started two trials!!!! At the time I ordered I knew I want to do a review on this product, so I was paying close attention to all the fine print. This makes me believe that after the 15 days I will be charged $79.99 times 2! That’s a whopping $159.98 a month!

Sadly, I haven’t even received the Garcinia Cambogia trial bottle in the mail yet. I ordered this product on the 10th of the month, it is now the 15th and I have only received the Mango Cleanse, which I never ordered.

As of the 18th of January, I finally got my bottle of Garcinia Cambogia. I have been taking it like the label suggest and have not seen any significant difference. But this is still pretty early to say. Its is the 24th of January and with diet, exercise and these products I have lost about 1lb in the last 6 days. So I’m still not convinced that its worth all the hype. I think after the first 7day I will try to mix the Garciania Cambogia tablets inside the Briggs Apple cider vinegar. I really was hoping I wouldn’t have to mix them since the apple cider vinegar is already so nasty to drink. lol

What does the internet say about Garcinia Cambogia?

I continued my research about Garcinia Cambogia and found on the Consumer Report website they had done a trial with 135 overweight people from the ages of 18-65, half was given Garcinia Cambogia and the other half was given placebo 3 times a day before each meal. They were placed on a high fiber diet, and after 12 weeks both groups showed no difference. Click here for the original article from consumer reports.

I started Briggs organic Apple Cider Vinegar on the 10th of the month and have noticed weight loss. But I have also started to exercise the week before and have been eating healthy. I still feel like the apple cider vinegar does help. I wasn’t feeling as hungry as I usually am, plus with diet and exercise I usually have a hard time losing weight. I have always had a hard time losing weight and wanted help this time. When I was 19 I was about 35lbs over weight, with diet and exercise, it took me two years to loss that weight. I’m hoping to speed that up this time.

What Happened when I called and cancelled this product?

On January 22nd 12 days after I first ordered it. I called the 800 number that came with the product. I let the lady know that I never ordered the mango cleanse, she said their is nothing she can do about it, that the product was free and I only was charged for the shipping… Hmmm that’s nice, mail me a free product and charge me shipping, does it still seem free and a good deal? So I continued to ask for her to cancel my trial and she insisted that I can get another 14 days to try it out more before cancelling. I said no thank you, I am not good at cancelling things so please just cancel it. She continued to tell me that my account is showing that I qualify for a 30% off discount and a 14 day trial extension, so I can see if I really like the product. I said “no thank you, just cancel it.” She continued to offer me 50% off then 60% off if I didn’t cancel my subscription. So after 4-5 “no thank you, please just cancel me.” I was free of that subscription service that would of cost me $159.98 per month of after the 60% off it would be $63.99. Thats still a lot of money for a product most people say doesn’t work for them.

Final Thoughts?

Yes these Garcinia Cambogia diet ads are scams! These pills offer no additional weight lose alone. But if you do buy them, you can get them from your health store or even on Amazon. But I do think and feel that apple cider vinegar from Briggs is the way to go to get an extra boost.

What about taking them with Briggs Organic Apple Cider vinegar?

So I tried this for 7 days taking the pills with Apple Cider Vinegar, I saw no difference from taking apple cider vinegar and adding this to my daily routine. I started January off with drinking 1- 2 Tablespoons on apple cider vinegar with eating healthy and exercise. I added the Garcinia pills to my routine half way through the month, and my weight loss was slow and gradual. So this does NOT speed up weight loss by 75% like the ads say. I am now putting the garcinia Cambogia powder inside my drink, thinking this will be speed up the results. Its been only a few days and no difference. But I will continue this bottle until its all gone and update you on my results. If I change my mind about this product, I will write an updated blog post, so make sure you have subscribed to this website.


My results still did not change, I stopped taking this product.

But I have been getting messages about other people who got stuck in this scam. One lady said her Mother wanted the free trial and is now trapped in paying each month for these products she doesn’t want. The daughter who reached out to me, told me she has tried to cancel it for her mom with no luck. Now her Moms account is automatically being withdrawn each month. I don’t know if its the same ad I clicked on or another one that is similar. I told her to talk to her mothers bank and see if switching account numbers is an option. It’s sad, that it’s so hard for people to get out of these scams.

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